Welcome to our daycare!We have the perfect place for your child!

We are a private educational daycare with a bilingual environment.

GLOBAL CHILD DEVELOPMENTSelf-esteem, confidence and independence.

We promote self-esteem, confidence and independence through different experiences that children encounter during their day. Active learning is encouraged because children actively participate in their own learning process through observation, discovery, exploration of their environment and how to interact with other children and the adults around them.

Our goal is to promote the global development of the child through active learning.

OUR MISSIONWe put children first.

Our mission is to teach the child to have positive and harmonious social relationships with his educator, other children (peers) and the community. An approach to problem solving is encouraged as well as learning their emotions so that, for example, they can resolve a conflict through words.



Goal 1: Hygiene

  • The importance of washing hands with soap is taught and demonstrated (after going to the toilet, sneezing, blowing your nose, playing, and before eating).
  • Tooth brushing activity with fluoridated toothpaste after lunch; dental hygiene is taught and demonstrated for the prevention of tooth decay. Children drink water after a sweet snack.

Goal 2: Physical activity

  • Daily outing outside; children take walks, go to the municipal park or play in the daycare playground.
  • Other physical activities aim to teach active play and motor development skills as well as hand/eye coordination, balance, team spirit and cooperation.

Goal 3: Nutrition

  • Canada's Food Guide is followed for our lunches and snacks.
  • Children have nutritious snacks in the morning and afternoon. They discover new foods. They are taught to enjoy a good diet.

Goal 4: Prevention

  • Tooth decay: (see above).
  • Food allergies: peanuts, tree nuts are not allowed at the daycare.
  • Food precautions: hard candy, popcorn, no bones in meat and fish, no pits or seeds in fruits and no raw foods such as raw meat, unpasteurized milk or uncooked eggs are not allowed at the daycare.
  • Choking: children are taught where and how to eat (they should not run and should be seated). Pieces of food are cut into small pieces. Some foods are not given to children such as raisins and popcorn.
  • Equipment used for meals and snacks must be safe. Dishes and utensils are safe, unbreakable and of appropriate dimensions.

Goal 5: Napping

  • This daily time is important allowing the child to rest and relax.