Daily Rates

Daycare Fees INCLUDE:

Pre-school, nutritious lunch and two snacks. 


Children ages 6 months to 17 months and children ages 18 months and older
5 days per week @ $45/day

Calculator – Cost of daycare services per child

As of 2009 all families are eligible to claim their child-care expenses at an average rate 75% and up to 90% return based on household income. All payments will be made in advance upon completion of government
forms. These payments are made on a quarterly basis from Revenue Quebec. With this new tax credit the net cost for non-subsidized daycare is equivalent to or less than the cost of subsidized services. This form is available for you at the daycare.

For additional information contact:

Revenu Quebec at (514) 864-6299
www.revenu.gouv.qc.ca (form TPZ-1029.8.F-V)