Welcome to our daycare!Rates

Daycare Fees INCLUDE:Pre-school, nutritious lunch and two snacks.


NURSERY – Children ages 6 months to 17 months

5 days per week
@ $57/day
($1,239.75 /month)

REGULAR – Children ages 18 months and older

5 days per week
@ $52/day
($1,131.00 /month)


Cost of daycare services per child

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Families can claim childcare expenses based on family income. Advance payments can be obtained when completing the appropriate government form: these payments are made monthly by Revenu Québec. This form is available at the daycare.

For additional information contact:

Revenu Québec at (514) 864-6299
www.revenu.gouv.qc.ca (form TPZ-1029.8.F-V)