Welcome to our daycare!Services

Our daycare is open from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm and offers fresh-cooked lunches and snacks. We are a peanut-free environment.

A qualified and experienced staff offers a loving extension of the family unit. We encourage an open communication between staff and parents to ensure a smooth navigation of the early years.

Our large playground ensures that each child’s physical development is nurtured and challenged. Our academic program is designed to encourage self-esteem and growth.

Challenging our children’s minds and building skills while giving them a warm and secure environment to spend their days is our priority.

Our goal is to promote the global development of the child through active learning.

Services offered

  • Open 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Bilingual program
  • Academic pre-school program
  • Lunch and two snacks (following the Canada Food Guide)
  • Outdoor playground
  • Music and movement
  • Educational outings
  • Parent’s committee

Two, Three
Here are our classes



Our nursery is now open!

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18 to 23 months

Let our professionally trained caregivers integrate your child’s day.

We begin with an educational setting in the morning and ease into a playgroup program in the afternoon.


2 years

We spend our mornings engaging little minds in exploring and experimenting with everything in their environment. Our program is a cycle of age-appropriate activities run in a sequence, not according to the minute hand on a clock!


3 years

A bilingual program designed to encourage and enhance young children’s vocabulary.

We encourage as ¨Imaginative Play¨ where the child learns to make responsible choices, negotiate and problem solving with his peers.


4+ years


A High Scope Program where children split their day into two hour blocks of French and English learning.

Children engage in daily activities that prepare them for the academic learning of kindergarten.